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Top Reasons To Choose Web Development as a Career Option :

We all know technology is changing rapidly, in all over world, websites are the another name for internet and browsers. In IT industry software development is a growing industry and providing too much career opportunities.

1. Best career opportunity :

Everyone either needs a website or new features for it. Day by day increasing number of internet users and the continuously increasing the number of websites have resulted in the high requirement for qualified web development professionals in India as well as abroad. Their skills and services are in demand in all sectors.

2. Attractive salary package with high growth :

Web developer remuneration vary according to experience, creative skills, job role and the company where they are employed. In India, Freshers in web developers can earn starting salary of 20 to 30 thousand per month. Experienced web developers along with good creative skills can get salary as high as 12 lac per month or even more. Average salary for web developer is 4.50 LPA.

3. Work from where you want :

Freedom is the most important reason to learn web development course. The internet is everywhere. Laptop is portable device and you can use anywhere. Websites can be reached from all over the world. Expert web developers benefits from a great amount of freedom in when, where and how they work.

4. Be your own boss :

Be your own boss and recruit yourself. If you have entrepreneurial skills then start your own business. you can become a freelancer. On freelancer developers get opportunity to pick and choose their relevant projects and can set own rate . You can work whenever you schedule , form any where you want.

5. Bright future scope :

Web development is the most fastest growing sector of Software development. It has a best career path with rapid growth and handsome salary package, providing high job security and luxury of life. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that approx 27 % employment growth will be for web developers by 2020. During this time, approx 39,500 new jobs are for web developers in an industry that already have roughly 148,500 positions. According to CWJobs, 57% of London based web developers getting more than £50,000 a year and 40 % of contracted positions boasting over £100,000, web development is an attractive career path.

    Course Contant


-> CSS, CSS3
-> Bootstrap
-> Java Script
-> JQuery
-> Photoshop
-> AngularJS/ReactJS
-> Core PHP
-> Adv. PHP
-> CodeIgniter Web Framework


Live Project Training refers to work experience that is relevant to professional development prior to completion of degree. Students should know, that Live Project Training plays an important role in the development of the practical and professional skills for employment after completion of their technical degree. students must complete at least 4-6 month of Live Project Training.
-> Hosting / Uploading web site
-> Cpanel
-> Website Maintainance


-> Resume Writting
-> Personal Interviwe
-> Group Discussion
-> Machine Test
-> HR Round
-> Acing The Interview

Career Option

Web Designer


Web Developer


PHP Programmer


Front End Developer


E-Commers Developer


Once i joined CM. I wass.jst keen intrsted in programming i strted to code for hours n love to do that. The Atmosphere which i found at CM was only the reasn so tht i cn alonly sit for 6 hours n code.

Himanshi Kumrawat-- Acropolish Indore

The best Enviornment ever I have got to study. The faculty here is so supporting. I am thankful to them for supporting me throughout and giving me the best concepts. :) :D

Astha Virani -- MEDICAPS

Codemantra is the best coaching institute for the programming languages. And faculties of this instituteis very frankly and has the helping nature . Abhishek sir gives the good guidance and help for making the future.

Mahendra Tawar -- LNCT Indore

The institute codemantra itself justifies with good coding skills as well as practical programming knowledge ... as it is the Landmark of practical programming and the faculty of the institute is very helpful.

mohit kushwah -- IPS Indore

I got to know about this platform through one of my friends and yeah could suggest them to others too as If coding gets you goosebumps or either threaten you CODEMANTRA is the place where you can excel.

Faizal Ansari -- IET DAVV

Once I was weak in coding than I joined code mantra they make my technical skills strong and now I believe on my coding skills that they are good

Ayush Agrawal -- IET DAVV