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Ruby is rubbish! PHP is phpantastic!


PHP (Preprocessor Hypertext) is a Server side Scripting Language Which is Used to Create Dynamic Web Pages. Core PHP is Pure form of PHP which includes the fundamental working Principle without any External Support like frameworks. PHP can use on all Operating Systems as well as it Supports all Servers Apache, IIS, and lots of others.



Core Behaviour of PHP is Procedure Oriented, but it is not suitable to handle Larger Web Application, to resolve PHP added a Object Oriented functionality in 5th Version of PHP. which includes class, Object, Encapsulation etc. Object oriented PHP is important to Learn because all of advance frameworks works on the MVC Design Pattern and which is Part of OOP.


PHP CMS & Frameworks

A PHP Framework is a basic platform that allows us to develop web applications. In other words, it provides structure. By using a PHP Framework, you will end up saving loads of time, stopping the need to produce repetitive code, and you’ll be able to build applications rapidly (RAD). Without a PHP Framework in place, it gets much more difficult to produce applications since you’ll have to repeatedly code a lot of PHP. You’ll also have to execute the connection between your database and whatever application you develop from scratch. Meanwhile, using a PHP Framework makes it easier for you to ensure this connection.



Live projects will give you an actual sight of corporates while working on live projects you connect the dots between classroom learning and application part of learning. Training is a big cost that every company have to bear so they will prefer candidates who already has worked on live projects. Having an exposure to live projects will give you a platform to showcase your creativity and analytical approach to companies.


PHP Syllabus

Core PHP

  • Introduction
  • PHP installation and Introduction
  • What is PHP file?
  • What is MySql?
  • PHP + MySql
  • Basic PHP Syntax
    1. echo
    2. print
  • Comments in PHP
  • Variables
  • Control Structures
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • For Each Loop
  • Functions
  • Working with Forms
      1. What is a Form

      2. Important HTML Tags

      3. Super-Global Variable

      4. Different ways to carry from Data

      5. (GET,POST)
    • PHP $_POST
      1. isset()

      2. isempty()
    • PHP data () Function
    • PHP include File
    • PHP Sessions
      1. What is a Session ?

      2. Creating a Session

      3. Use of Session

      4. Destroying Session

      5. Login/Logout

    • PHP Cookies
      1. • Different Between Session & Cookies

      2. • Types of Cookies

      3. • Creating a Cookies

      4. • Fetching Value of Cookies

      5. • Deleting a cookies

  • Codeigniter Overview
  • Installing Codeigniter
  • Application Architecture
    1. • Directory Structure

  • Codeigniter - MVC Framework
  • Codeigniter- Basic Concept
    1. • Controller
    2. • Views
    3. • Models
    4. • String
    5. • Helpers
    6. •Routing
  • Codeigniter - Configuration
    1. • Configuration Base URL
    2. • Database Configuration
    3. • Autoload Configuration
  • Working With Database
    1. • Connecting to a Database
    2. •Inserting a record
    3. •Deleting a record
    4. • Selectinga record
    5. • Closeing a record
  • Codeigniter - Liberaries
    1. • Library Class
    2. • Creating Library


  • Introduction
  • Basic Structure of an HTML document
  • Creating an HTML document
  • HTML Tags with Attributes
    1. • Heading Tag

    2. • Paragraph Tag

    3. • Formatting Tag

    4. • Image Tag

    5. • Anchor Tag

    6. • Table Tag

    7. • List Tag

    8. • Form Tag

    9. • Media Tag

    10. • Frame Tag
  • HTML5 Semantic Tag
  • Layout Based on HTML5
  • Introduction
  • Types of CSS
    1. • Inline CSS

    2. • Internal CSS

  • CSS Selectors
    1. • Name Or Tag Selector

    2. • ID Selector

    3. • Class Selector

    • CSS Properties
    • Layout Of Web Page
    • Simple Registration Login Layout
    • Responsive CSS
  • Introduction
  • DOM
  • Where To....Js
  • JS Basic
  • JS Event
    1. • Name Or Tag Selector

    2. • ID Selector

    3. • Class Selector

  • JQ Events
  • JQ Effects
    1. • Show /Hide

    2. • Fadeln/Fadeout

    3. • NoSlideIn/SlideOut

    4. • Email Validation

  • JQ Small tasks
    1. • Validation

    2. • Password Strength Checker

    3. • Drop Down Menu

    4. • Email Validation

  • Introduction
  • JQ Syntax
  • JQ Selectors
  • JS Basic
    1. • Onclick

    2. • Oncheck

    3. • Onsubmit

    4. • Onnmouseount

    5. • Onfocus

    6. • Onblur

    7. • Onchange

  • JS form Validation
    1. • Null Validation

    2. • Length Validation

    3. • Note Number Validation

    4. • Email Validation

    • JS Slider

Backend Technology

  • What,Where and Why
  • Architecture of DBMS
  • What is File System
  • Disadvantages of it
  • Advantages of DBMS Over File System
    1. • Controlling Redundancy

    2. • Concurrent Access of Data (Job Queue) Constraints

    3. • Programmed Data Independency

    4. • Ristricting Unaurthorized Access

    5. • Providing Persistence Storage of data

    6. • Efficient Search Techniqs for Query Processing


Yahoo (Most of the apps)


Rediff (Most of apps)


Facebook (Everyone knows)


Intel (some of the apps)


Google (very less use but frequent)


Once i joined CM. I wass.jst keen intrsted in programming i strted to code for hours n love to do that. The Atmosphere which i found at CM was only the reasn so tht i cn alonly sit for 6 hours n code.

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