Codemantra- c/c++

First Step Towards The Logical World Of



Fundamental of Programming with "C"

  • Introduction of Integer

  • char(ascii Code and Compatibilities)

  • Keywords ,Variable and rules, Garbage Value

  • Arithmetic Instruction Set

  • Practice of Logic Build
  • Intro Relational,Logical and Conditional Operator

  • Decision Making Diagram

  • If-else and Nested if Else

  • Increment and Decrement Operator(Pre and Post )

  • Loop Introduction (For , While and do-while)

  • Nested-Loop

  • Architecture of console and star on program
  • Introduction

  • Pointer Arithmetic

  • Introduction

  • Static Memory Block & Heap

  • void memory & it's mapping

  • Malloc & free

  • sizeof operator

  • Introduction(Predefined and User Defined).

  • Stack Flow Architecture.

  • Local Variable and Global Variable.

  • Argument Passing.

  • Prototype

  • Call by Value and Call by Reference.
  • introduction & initialisation

  • addressing Arch. of Array
  • 2D Array.

  • Dynamic 1D and 2D Array.

  • Introduction.

  • String Handling Functions.

  • 2D String and Dynamic String.

  • String to a Function Using By Value and Reference.
  • Auto

  • Extern

  • Register

  • Enum
  • #include

  • #define

  • Introduction
  • Opening an existing file (fopen).

  • Reading from file (fscanf or fgetc).

  • Writing to a file (fprintf or fputs).

  • Moving to a specific location in a file (fseek, re...

  • Closing a file (fclose).

Object Oriented Programming with C++

  • introduction of OOP

  • property of Object (Has-a)

  • value & it's Type

  • diffrence B/W POP & OOP

  • What & Class & Object

  • instance members (property & methods)

  • static or Class Members

  • Public

  • Private

  • Protected
  • What is Overloading ?

  • Function Overloading.

  • reffrence variable
  • passing Object to a Function
  • Operator Overloading.

  • What is Constructor ?

  • Types of Constructor.

  • Default, No Argument, With Argument, Copy
  • What is Destructor ?

  • Distruction of Static & Dynamic Object
  • What is Inheritance ?

  • inheritance According Accessibility

  • inheritance According Structure

  • pure Virtual Function & Abstract class
  • Diamond Problem & Virtual Function.

  • This Pointer.

  • Friend Function.

  • inline Function

  • cin & cout with coustomization

  • 6 hr Special Session on Project

Applications of C / C++

Operating Systems


Development of New Languages


Embedded Systems


Advance Computations and Graphics


Database Software & Web Browser


Once i joined CM. I wass.jst keen intrsted in programming i strted to code for hours n love to do that. The Atmosphere which i found at CM was only the reasn so tht i cn alonly sit for 6 hours n code.

Himanshi Kumrawat-- Acropolish Indore

The best Enviornment ever I have got to study. The faculty here is so supporting. I am thankful to them for supporting me throughout and giving me the best concepts. :) :D

Astha Virani -- MEDICAPS

Codemantra is the best coaching institute for the programming languages. And faculties of this instituteis very frankly and has the helping nature . Abhishek sir gives the good guidance and help for making the future.

Mahendra Tawar -- LNCT Indore

The institute codemantra itself justifies with good coding skills as well as practical programming knowledge ... as it is the Landmark of practical programming and the faculty of the institute is very helpful.

mohit kushwah -- IPS Indore

I got to know about this platform through one of my friends and yeah could suggest them to others too as If coding gets you goosebumps or either threaten you CODEMANTRA is the place where you can excel.

Faizal Ansari -- IET DAVV

Once I was weak in coding than I joined code mantra they make my technical skills strong and now I believe on my coding skills that they are good

Ayush Agrawal -- IET DAVV